Happy Company - Happiness Leads to Success

GenNex is committed to promoting a happy company. We are dedicated to promoting a happy and fulfilling work environment, with a focus on employee happiness, well-being, and productivity. We strive to create a positive and inspiring atmosphere where employees can thrive and find joy in their work.

At Happy Company, we value cultivating a supportive and inclusive corporate culture that emphasizes work-life balance, personal growth, and employee satisfaction. We understand that happy employees contribute to increased productivity, creativity, and overall success.

We firmly believe that happy and engaged employees are the key to long-term success and growth. By investing in employee happiness, we foster a motivated and proactive team that is passionate about their work and committed to achieving shared goals.

Join Happy Workspace and experience a working environment that is happy, fulfilling, and conducive to success.

Engagment with our client and business partners

Pool side Party 2018

GenNex Financial Media Limited organized a private poolside party at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong on August 27, 2018. This occasion was held because we hope everyone could take a break from their hectic schedule. Practitioners from the financial sector and investment bankers attended not only to exchange views on the new listings in Hong Kong but also to chill out together. GenNex hope everyone understands that we are not simply a perfect partner at work, but also a leisure partner to have fun with! Miss Corrin Chan, managing partner of GenNex, claims that the response to Hong Kong IPOs was overwhelming, not to mention the fact that investment bankers have been busy working at financial printers to help their clients go public and have forgotten the balance between life and work. On top of that, creating a mid-term summary for the summer of 2018 by the pool would definitely be a remarkable memory for everyone.

Award Ceremony and Cocktail party 2017

To commemorate GenNex’s achievement at the 31st International ARC Awards Competition, we deliberately held an award ceremony and celebration reception for the world’s best annual report design awards, sharing the joy of these awards with corporate clients and the team. The cocktail party was an unprecedented success, with more than a hundred guests attending to support GenNex, witnessing the milestones set with us. We were pleased to have financial commentator Ms. Agnes Wu Mang Ching and the visiting professor of the City University of Hong Kong and the MBA program director Dr. Wilson Chan Fung Cheung presented the awards to the winners of the annual report.

Corporate Social Responsibility

GenNex always find ways to give back to the community and take on more social responsibility. We believe volunteering can be a great chance for employees to build new skills. Besides, it might be a life-changing experience! In the past years, we have organized a variety of volunteer activities, such as beach cleaning and creative workshop with children from low income families. All of these demonstrate that community service has always been our priority and we have established a culture of giving at our company.

Over and above that, it is crucial to develop and enforce a high standard of business information confidentiality within GenNex. Oftentimes, we educate and offer trainings to employees to recognize confidentiality issues, also on company’s policies and procedures that provide services with proper safeguards.

Care for Our People

GenNex Financial Media Limited values work-life balance for greater employee loyalty, commitment and motivation. Striking a balance between career and personal life isn’t always easy. That’s why we encourage our employees to participate in different kinds of leisure activities such as annual dinner. Apart from sharing joy, organizing annual dinneralso offers us a chance to show our appreciation to employees’ effort and reward their outstanding performance. As always, we will continue to spare no efforts in ensuring the physical and mental health of our employees so as to enhance our productivity and competitiveness.

Marathon Race 12 hours

We are thrilled to announce that our company has enthusiastically joined the volunteer race for the upcoming marathon! With great excitement and a strong sense of community spirit, our team is dedicated to making a positive impact by actively participating in this wonderful event. As an organization committed to giving back to society, we believe in the power of collective action and the importance of supporting local initiatives. Volunteering at the marathon allows us to embody these values and contribute to the success of this remarkable event.

Our team members are eagerly preparing to lend a helping hand to runners, spectators, and organizers alike. We will be stationed at various checkpoints along the marathon route, ensuring that participants receive the support and encouragement they need to reach their goals. From passing out water and snacks, to cheering on runners with uplifting words, we will be there every step of the way, fueling their determination and inspiring them to push through any challenges they may face.

By participating in this volunteer race, our company aims to foster a sense of camaraderie among our employees, creating lasting bonds as we work together towards a common goal. This experience not only strengthens our team spirit but also enhances our commitment to promoting health and wellness within our organization. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to give back to our community through this marathon. It is truly humbling to be part of an event that brings people from all walks of life together, celebrating the spirit of resilience, perseverance, and unity.

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