GenNex strongly believes that ‘experience makes perfect’. Leveraging our vast reservoir of combined industry experience, knowledge and expertise since the 1980’s we have truly distinguished ourselves in the market in terms of quality, accuracy, speed, integrity and creativity.

Our team of top professionals offers these custom-tailored and fully integrated one-stop solutions:

Creative Media

Creative concept and Design

Excellent Website Design and Production

Writing Service

Fast and Accurate Typesetting and Formatting

High Quality Copywriting and Editing

Translation Service

Professional Translations

Technical Support

Proficient Uploading and E-Submission to the HKEx

Effective Media Placement

Printing Service

High Precision Color Separations

Top CTP Production

Refined Printing

Precise Artwork Production

Proofreading Service

Meticulous Proofreading

Our comprehensive spectrum of services and quality results comprise:

IPO and Placing Prospectuses

Financial Reports

Financial Documents

Legal Compliance Documents

Regulatory Compliance Documents

Web Announcements

Newspaper Advertisements

Corporate Communications Projects:

– Brochures

– Catalogues

– Brand Imaging: Corporate Identity / Visual Identity Development

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