Business Development Team

Sharing the profound industry knowledge and expertise accumulated since the 1980s from our leaders, our seasoned pros fully understand and appreciate your needs at every stage of the printing process and work to provide results that exceed your expectations. You’ll get custom-tailored professional advice, innovative ideas and helpful suggestions to ensure one-stop publishing solutions that lead to success for your company. Our business development team also responds quickly and effectively in all aspects of production crisis management. Efficiency and cost effectiveness are deeply woven into our operational DNA as well so that every job comes with a rock solid guarantee of top quality results at truly competitive rates. We work hand-in-hand with you as our first priority and are at your service 24 hours a day. We expertly handle overall project management with a bird’s eye view to ensure smooth process flow and flawless coordination of every facet of your printing production.

Account Servicing and Proofreading Team

Our roster of top industry professionals boasts more than 20 years of solid industry experience, successfully navigating the stringent rules and requirements for reporting, filing, printing and posting by various regulatory authorities like the HKEx and SFC. In addition, all our services are personalised and customised with highly qualified AS specialists who provide integrated account management expertise. They closely monitor and respond effectively on all projects from the initial idea stage to finished production, offering you value-added advantages by providing proactive professional advice and constructive solutions that work. The team believes in a ‘client first’ philosophy and provides fast turnaround times for tight deadlines. We also have one of the most experienced proofreading teams in the industry with highly-qualified, well-trained and detail-oriented individuals who ensure accuracy and consistency with each document.

Creative Team

Recognised for their world-class design excellence, our creative team has a proven track record with award-winning results at international award programs like the ARC Awards, Mercury Awards, Galaxy Awards and Astrid Awards. This group of special pros applies a diverse range of talent and backgrounds in advertising, branding and financial printing industries to provide cutting-edge ideas for truly eye-catching financial report designs and concepts. Our in-house illustrators as well are renowned for initiating masterpiece creative ideas at reasonable cost. We develop creative, inspiring and innovative concepts for the execution of your printing projects that go far beyond just special printing effects.

Production Team

GenNex has made a huge investment in the latest world-class typesetting and formatting system – Xyvision. We also pioneered the introduction and adoption of Xyvision for Chinese financial documents including IPO prospectus, circular and bond circular typesetting as well as clear markup and time stamp display which allow easier and clearer recognition of any changes regardless of the level of markup complexity for legal advisors and clients. Our production team is ready to provide you with faster document turnaround times and a more streamlined revision cycle all with enhanced typographic quality.

Translation Team

Backed by nearly two decades of solid experience in the financial translation field, we boast a roster of the most of sought after talent in the industry. All documents are 100% translated locally in Hong Kong by experts familiar with all types of financial jargon and terminology. We also call on our staff of professional native-speaking Mandarin linguists based in China for accurate and efficient translation of any language into Chinese with precise and consistent content, tone and meaning to meet today’s growing demand in international business development across the mainland. GenNex’s Approved Translation Certificate fulfills all translation requirements set by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for new listings. As with all of GenNex services, our translation team can aid your project with quick turnaround times to meet the tightest of deadlines always with absolute professional confidentiality. The team has handled translation projects for over 100 IPO prospectuses as well as financial reports of a few hundred listed companies.

Printing and Media Team

With more than 40 years of experience in the printing industry since the 1970s, the GenNex print team makes up Hong Kong’s pioneering first generation of financial printers, comprising a strong core of over 100 dedicated top-notch professionals. They are trusted for their first rate end-product quality in the financial printing industry. They also have the capacity and technologies for large-scale printing projects and were the first in the Territory to adopt the CTP system for one-stop servicing of pre-print processes in line with the latest technological advances. The print team has also recently introduced the GMG colour management system that provides electronic colour proof printouts with output colours that are 95% similar to the original print data. This allows for direct approval of electronic proofs without having to wait for print sheets. Our impressive technological capabilities have allowed us to produce a wide range of world-class, award-winning masterpieces. Our print team’s facilities are also among the very few printers in Hong Kong, equipped with in-house digital printing and binding facilities in addition to cutting-edge offset printing equipment. The print team has also earned Chain–of–Custody (CoC) certification based on FSC standards, which allow us to attach the FSC logo to all forest-based printed output. They are also experts at helping your company with production crisis management. Armed with our strong logistics and distribution support teams, we ensure on-time distribution even during peak seasons. All printed materials are 100% produced in Hong Kong under an eagle-eyed gatekeeper to ensure complete accuracy and top class quality control.

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